Monday, May 3, 2021

Mary Worth 3632

Has Drew Cory finally found his Toby Cameron?


KitKat said...

Diner: Home of the Uneatable Roast Beef Sandwich and Disappearing Slaw

“I look forward to it!” is one of Mary’s go-to wishy-washy expressions. I can’t wait until Drew rues the day his search for good grub took him here.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"A Preview Of Trashlee's Photo Shoot Commentary".

Look forward!

Anonymous said...

"Trashlee"! Excellent!

While tromping around the forest, Drewee and Ashlee stumble upon Zakkee and Iris' campsite. Embarrassment ensues.

-- Scottee McW.

Anonymous said...

After weeks of postponing Ashlee’s photo shoot and an alarming increase in the frequency of her calls, Drew finally weakens and agrees to meet.

Ashlee: “Drewie, I can’t understand this! You promised me! But every time I call you, you’re always too busy to take my pics. Drewie Poohie, you’re making Ashwee wery angwy!”
Drew: “Alright; alright, Ashwee… I mean, Ashlee. I’ve got an idea of how I can squeeze in a couple of minutes to take some shots AND at the same time, allow you to compensate me for my time.”

Ashlee: “Oh Drewie… I KNEW you’d think of something. What is it? Tell me; I can’t wait!”
Drew: “Well, I thought you could stop by the clinic and while I’m attending patients, you could do some volun….”

Ashlee: “Oh Drewie! You sly devil, you! I know exactly what you mean. And, guess what? I still have my Naughty Nurse costume from last Halloween! Just wait until you see this beautiful apparition, stepping out from between the curtains of an exam room holding a huge lollipop. Meant for good little boys, if you know what I mean?”
Drew: “Well, actually, I was hoping you could step out holding a couple of used bedpans?”


LouiseF said...

I think Ashlee needs to do some research on the latest hip, young models to pattern herself on. I just did a Google search and got a list ot the "top 10 female young models", and no Bella Hadid among them. I would suggest she check out Anok Yai, but Drew might snap up Anok first since she's currently studying biochemistry and wants to become a doctor along with a career as a top model. Ashlee's speed is more that of representing Hanes underwear..

Baffled in Buffalo said...

Like a bird on a branch,
Like a waitress eyeing her big chance,
Is dull wynter finally fading into glee?

Like an admired man noticing glances,
His brain ready for romances,
Is our Moy manifesting a new leaf?

I saw a cynic chewing lunch,
Who said, how can you ask so much?
While a reader so sick and tired of this
Said why not, why not ask for more?

Like a bird on a branch,
Like a waitress eyeing her big chance,
Is dull wynter fading into glee?

KitKat said...

LouiseF, representing Frederick’s of Hollywood may be even more of Ashlee’s speed.

Nance, you’re in your usual top-notch mode today. You are a marvel.

Baffled in Buffalo, you’re taking us to literary heights that KM can only dream about.

Baffled in Buffalo said...

Thank you, KitKat!

Tim said...
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Carlye said...

I'm waiting to see if she gets the opportunity to model for a geriatric clothing catalog. What would Bella do?

Anonymous said...

i guess i like this strip because i like old sci fi bad black and white movies its just how bad is this gonna get .the last storyline was horrible but the dogs brung me back everyday

Wanders said...

Baffled: Dull wynter. Very nicely done.

Wanders said...

Baffled: Dull wynter. Very nicely done.

Baffled in Buffalo said...

Thanks, Wanders. But I'm totally in awe of those 2 or 3 commenters on Comics Kingdom who come up with good song parodies day after day!