Monday, January 3, 2022

Fourteenth Annual Worthy Award Nominees - Your Vote Counts!

Yes, dear friends, it is time once again to vote for your favorite moments in the Worthiverse during 2021. I know. I know. You're asking yourself, But there were so many to choose from, how will I cast my vote? The good news is you can vote as often as you like because choosing just one awesome moment is going to be pretty tough this year.

The Condo Board really had some hard decisions to make narrowing down our list of nominees. Now it's your turn to make the really really hard decision and determine the winners. Of course, if you feel passionately about your vote, you could always leave me a bribe - er, tip. I'm not saying it will influence that outcome, but I'm not saying it won't, either.

And now, for your consideration!

Outstanding Set Design

The Santa Royale Boardwalk

Dolphins at Sunset

Typical Bachelors' Kitchen

The People's Clinic

Outstanding Dialog

Dogs are Great

Jags and Lags

Chick Magnets

A Variety of Muffins

Outstanding Performance by a Guest Character

Ashlee Jones

Eve Lourd

Max the Dog


Outstanding Floating Head

Ashlee Jones

Ashlee Jones

Ashlee Jones

Ashlee Jones

Outstanding Performance by a Regular Character

Dr. Drew Cory, M.D.


Libby the Cat

Mary Worth

Outstanding Panel of the Year

We haven't seen each other for a year!

I... I.. Uhnn...

Torn Between Two Lovers

A Definite Add

Click Click Click

Outstanding Story of the Year

Wilbur and Estelle Break Up Again

Drew Dates an Aspiring Model/Waitress

Dogs are Great!

Thank you for your votes. Voting Ends January 7 at midnight!


Bill the Butcher said...

Trashlee for....well, not president, but resident! Of ye olde Worthye

RogerBW said...

Goodness, were Dogs Are Great and Trashlee both in 2021? It feels so much longer ago…

Fraser said...

I loved the Wilbur and Estelle break up again story, right up until it became Wilbur and Estelle get back together again.

Bill the Butcher said...

3 January:

If Eshtelle doesn’t take one look at Weelbur’s maniacal face and either throw him or herself overboard, she deserves whatever happens to her.

KitKat said...

A salute to Wanders, the founder of the feast, for supplying another magnificent Worthy Awards! In particular, the Outstanding Floating Head category outdid that category in every previous awards bash. Decisions, decisions!

As for today’s MW, it looks like Bill the Butcher’s Russians yesterday were correct: everyone but Wilbur and Estelle has fled the ship. As Estelle aptly says, “!”

Anonymous said...

Excellent job, Wanders! These are indeed some tough choices. Except for one: Ashlee's tears streaming down her cheeks like some kind of tentacles is by far my favorite panel.

-- Scottie McW.

Anonymous said...

Personally I wanted the Ashlee and Shauna both punch Dr Drew panel to be panel of the year, but otherwise, an excellent selection!

Bill the Butcher said...

Tuesday 4 January:

“Let’s get married right now, on board! Because we’re so old that we might drop dead before we reach port! I’m so romantic! Why won’t you marry me?”

Anonymous said...

The entire emergency-room coffee-hurling jealous doxie brawl sequence should be called out for Special Recognition and go into some kind of Hall of Fame. It was something that we are unlikely to ever see in Mary Worth (or for that matter, the comics pages in general) ever again.

Unknown said...

Hope Ashlee has an acceptance speech prepared. She's a shoe in for at least one category

Sharon said...

"At our age" ... Wilbur must want to be thrown overboard as badly as we want it for him.

Unknown said...

Wilbur, if you two get married, you'll probably have to live together. Her cat hates you, and the dog doesn't much like you either. Bad idea.

beetnemesis said...

Wilbur and Estelle break up again SHOULD be the best storyline... but it ends with them getting back together! I don't know. Like, the dude got mad at a cat for interrupting his home karaoke solo.

I don't know, man.

meg said...

Perhaps Estelle’s biological clock is ticking? (Runs off to be sick).

rodent said...

These are all great! I can't wait to see the winners!

Vince said...

Do you all remember when Estelle dreamed she had given birth to twin Wilbur lookalikes? IIRC, they both even had combovers. Though it seems like she has tapped into her shallow well of good sense, at least for today, the twin thing could still possibly happen.

Anonymous said...

Ashlee #2 has a "Sound of Music" look to her. Cats urinating on losers seats is more of an everyday occurence, not Outstanding. Just sayin'.

Sandi Ego said...

Thank you, Wanders, this is always so much fun!

Maggie said...

I miss Ashlee! Thanks for reminding us of the good times, Wanders, I know this is a lot of work to put together! This proves 2021 wasn't all bad. Or, was it?