Friday, June 17, 2022

Mary Worth 3938

It's a good thing you didn't fall in, Jess, because Jared already pushed Dawn in and I don't think she would enjoy meeting you.


Lauralot said...

Where did you find today's strip? It's not loading for me on Comics Kingdom, Seattle Times, or WaPo.

KitKat said...

“You can come home with me, Jess! I called Mister Solo, and he said that’s okay.”

Jared gets graded by Hospital Management on how many times a month he helps patients avoid falling into deep wells of despair. (Shallow wells are evaluated separately.)

@Lauralot, I read today’s strip in the Plain Dealer (Cleveland).

Anonymous said...

"You can be discharged today. We'll just need you to wear this bag over your head as we wheel you out. We can't let people see us discharging a complete mess like you. It's bad optics."

-- Scottie McW.

Anonymous said...

Jess: "Jared's been helping me to avoid falling into a deep well of despair."

Dr. Johnson: "Jared? Who's Jared? Oh... him?! I've seen him around the hospital for a while now, but I never knew his name. The rest of the staff and I just refer to him as Mop Head."


Tim S. said...

Ok, so no broken bones but that left eye that doesn't open is more than a little worrisome. She might just wind up in the well of despair without her depth perception.

Anonymous said...

Dawn is like her Father.
Self-Centered and thoughtless of the feelings of others/