Saturday, June 18, 2022

Mary Worth 3939

Define "all right," because it sounds like you have a long legal fight ahead of you. Plus, if you thought your last boyfriend was violent, wait until you meet Jared's girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

"Um [blush] . . . I . . . I could come around and . . . um, I could check in on you once in a while if, um . . . if you wanted and it wasn't . . . ."

"Oh would you please? When my husband finds out that my boyfriend beat me up, he's going to go ballistic. I could use some support."

-- Scottie McW.

KitKat said...

“My sister will pick me up later.”

“Well, you’re being discharged in a half hour, but feel free to sit on that bench outside the front doors for as many hours as you need. You can read the 137 pages of your bill while you wait.”

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

At the bottom of the Home Care Instructions Dr Johnson has written "Stay far, far away from Jared at all costs. Hide in a deep well of normalcy if you need to." Sadly as a cliche physician, her handwriting is incomprehensible especially to people with one eye closed.

Anonymous said...

Jess told Jared that her sister was coming from "out of state" to help her out. And that she'd be going to live for a while with this sister. So, how's that going to work out for Jared if the state happens to be Maine?


KitKat said...

@HelenClark, a state of confusion coming right up!

Michael Beaumier said...

For those of you wondering: the role of “Jared” will now be played by Ellen Degeneres.