Monday, January 2, 2023

The Fifteenth Annual Worthy Awards Nominees - It is Time to Cast Your Vote!!

Citizens of Santa Royale - and this includes you - Yes, you! - It is time to cast your vote for the most outstanding 2022 moments in the entire Worthiverse.

I know some of you are thinking that this year was horrible. There were no outstanding moments, but I believe the Condo Board has done a superb job of selecting this year's nominees, and you will say, "Oh, yes. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Mary Worth and Friends last year. I must fulfill my civic duty and cast my votes." Doesn't that sound fun??

After you cast your votes, return again and again, and cast more votes because it is the democratic thing to do. It is the only way you can ensure that your favorites are selected. (That and a generous bribe).

So go ahead and drop another nickel in the Charterstone Jukebox, pour yourself a steamy cup of Sanka, butter a  warm blueberry muffin, and sit back and relax. It is time to relive all the joy of last year's Mary Worth.

And the nominees are:

Quote of the Year

Outstanding Floating Head

Helen Moss

Iris Beedie

Jess Bender

Mrs. Weston

Wilbur Westton

Outstanding Performance by a Guest Character

Jared Mylo


Jess Bender


Helen Moss

Outstanding Performance by a Regular Character

Mary Worth

Iris Beedie


Dawn Weston

Wilbur Weston

Panel of the Year

Zakie Sweetheart

Dawbur Weston

Zak had a Good Life

School Management


Outstanding Story of the Year

Code Oscar

School Management

No Bad Blood

The Incident at Piccadee Falls

Thanks for voting! Now vote again, and don't forget to bribe the judges!

The winners will be announced at the 15th Annual Worthy Awards on Monday, January 9, 2023!


KitKat said...

Thank you for another boffo Worthy Awards, Wanders! It’s hard to believe this is the Fifteenth Annual Extravaganza. What a year 2022 was in the Worthiverse. After reviewing all the nominees and voting (very tough!), I could scarcely keep from banging my head against a number of walls. Then I realized that Eve, Saul, and their annoying dogs were absent the entire year, and I danced a jig instead of risking going into concussion protocol - woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Panel of the Year competition is intense! Iris getting sarcastic, Helen being Helen, and Wilbur falling into the briny. This is the toughest choice I can remember.

-- Scottie McW.

Allison said...

Several times this year I have seen a panel and thought, "Oh, this is Worthy-worthy"! And in a few cases I was right. Thank you for all you do!!

Darthcurt said...

Wilbur falling would have been panel of the year for me... if he had died. Unfortunately it was just a tease, so I voted elsewhere.

Bill the Butcher said...

I reluctantly chose Weelbur falling overboard over Irene jazz handing Yak. Only because the jazz handing got even less far than Weelbur falling overboard.

Anonymous said...

Keen eye vs uncommon mouth was an impossible choice!!

Anonymous said...

Yep,Wilbur living let me down

bats :[ said...

You had me at "Chicken cutlets."

Steve said...

As a relative newcomer, I have a question: Is a tux required for the January 9th awards, or can I borrow Wilbur's spirt jacket (the one he was wearing when he fell in to the ocean )?

bobanero said...

I had to go with Wilbur falling off the ship because his survival symbolized the shattered hopes of 2022

Anonymous said...

Wilbur's got Outstanding Performance by a Regular Character on lock. Undisputed king shit there, strongest Mary Worth regular cast member performance in years.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous above, Wilbur's Exotic Locale Survival is hands-down the best/worst story.

But Panel of the Year? what an embarassment (the most cromulent word) of riches!!!