Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mary Worth 4226

I'm sorry, every time Dr. Ed talks about euthanasia, I can only think of this and start laughing:


KitKat said...

What a cheerful, relaxing dinner this turned out be! Now, let’s gather around the piano and sing a medley of Anita Koolidge classics, with Pierre, Libby, and Odin joining in!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ed can't keep his eyes off of Estelle's weird candle flames.

ratswan said...

Estelle can you close the window because the candles are moving . By the way will the main course be rice with hamburger gravy and glazed carrots .

In Cameron, PhD said...

Even with Steven gone, the whining never gets easier.

Back in junior high, I remember the social studies teacher recommending euthanasia as a topic for a group project, and I was surprised to find out it was not about Asian youth.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Dwight! A classic original the likes of whom we won't see again!

(I read somewhere that Rainn Wilson is so identified with that role that it's harder for him to find other parts, a fate that has also befallen a few other unforgettable characters.)

Meanwhile, different vet, same pity party.

-- Scottie

Chester the Dog said...

"That's awful...more beets?"

LouiseF said...

I figure Estelle has left a window open, the better to air out the (ahem) flatulence of the visiting pet, who is, no doubt, partaking of the food bowl in the kitchen. That's the only explanation I can come up with for the wind-driven flames on those candles.

Anonymous said...


Another possible explanation is that Ed's self-pity is sucking all the air out of the room.

-- Scottie

Anonymous said...

And for dessert: We have Death by Chocolate!

Note: chocolate is poisonous to both cats and dogs.