Friday, March 31, 2023

Mary Worth 4227

You didn't, Estelle? Did you even read the website you recommended, Not One More Vet? Or did you just look at the happy pictures?

Ed: "... Willing to have whine with their cheese."

Estelle: "I'm sorry; I don't have any cheese."


KitKat said...

Steven learned to be a whino from his uncle Ed.

“I didn’t realize veterinary work was so challenging! I thought you mainly did what I do - talk to my fur kids all the time and sing together at the piano.” It’s just as we thought: Estelle is as dumb as a box of rocks.

This is par for the course for KM. Something drifts by her consciousness, say an item about overwhelming stress in the veterinary profession, and she concocts a ridiculous plot that trivializes a serious subject.

Frank Booth said...

Don't cut the cheese Dr Ed!

Anonymous said...

This strip is sufficiently cheesy already.

Anonymous said...

Estelle: "I didn't realize veterinary work was so challenging!"

Ed: "Yes, it can be."

Estelle: "Well, I suppose some people are very easily challenged. But not my late husband, Jimmy. Now HIS was a challenging job!"

Ed: "You've never talked much about your husband. What was his last name again?"

Estelle: "Hoffa."


LouiseF said...

If Estelle had been some random person Ed ran into on, say, a public bus, I can see his applauding her listening skills. She invited you over for dinner, Ed. I think she was planning to listen to WHATEVER you were going to talk about. Next up: the advantages of cats wearing harnesses over collars and leashes when forced to go for a walk by clueless owners..

Anonymous said...

When this dinner ends some time next week, I am fearful it will include a kiss, witnessed by three smiling animals. I might throw up now and get it over with.

Garnet said...

She looks like she's drinking a glass of blood.

MissScarlet said...

Wanders, I agree she's dumb - but no cheese. Everyone has cheese. Even my vegan nephew has cheese (vegan, of course)!