Friday, July 4, 2008

Mary Worth 247

I realize some of you are new to Mary Worth, and you keep hearing Jeff allude to someone having saved his life. I'll try to fill you in. A couple of years ago (in real time), Jeff went off to Vietnam and ended up getting some sort of virus. Mary, having dreamt that Jeff fell off his boat, goes to Southeast Asia to find him, and discovers him in a Hanoi hospital. An English speaking doctor with a really Asian sounding name, Doctor Tran, was perplexed by Jeff's lack of response to the antibiotics he was receiving. Mary then connected Doctor Tran with the fabled Doctor Ling (Ling?) in Santa Royale, California. Dr. Ling recommended a risky, experimental new protocol that he had developed at the esteemed medical facility, Mountview Hospital. This new protocol consisted of something very doctor-ish sounding: "A wider course of antibiotics." And that's how Mary Worth saved Dr. Jeff Corey. Or Dr. Tran did, or Dr. Ling... somebody saved Jeff anyway, but Mary gets all the credit.

Now, if it worked once, why not give it a shot, Dr. Corey. A "shot" of antibiotics that is! Har har.

Oh, by the way, Dr. Jeff's memory of his encounter with Mary in the hospital is a little different than what it was really like:

Scary, huh?


Anonymous said...

*smacks forehead* "Of course! I could try administering a different antibiotic to the one Mr Abner is failing to respond to! Thanks, Dr Cory. I guess that's why you're one of the regulars in this strip and I'll only have one or two more panels where I congratulate you on saving Mr Abner then never be seen again. Neither I nor my stupid wavy hair."

Is this a foreshadowing of things to come? Will there be more life-saving when Ron chokes on a lump of steak and Jeff has to heimlich him back from the brink, after which Mary will administer mouth-to-mouth on Ron just as a photographer captures the moment for the front pages and we'll be back to square one as Jeff fumes over the "Besotted harridan saves then smooches local councilman" headline?

jvwalt said...

Having relatives who are doctors, I can tell you that "a wider course of antibiotics" is pretty much standard operating procedure when the first one doesn't work. This isn't something that requires the unique medical genius of Dr. Jeff, or Dr. "Ling," or even Mary Worth.

Anonymous said...

jvwalt How do you know that your doctor relatives didn't get the idea from reading Mary Worth?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord, those black empty eye sockets will haunt me for days.