Thursday, December 26, 2019

Mary Worth 3257

"Wilbur, I really appreciate your commitment to sobriety, and your desire to apologize for your drunkenness on our last date. And what better place to make that apology than the Star Lounge."


KitKat said...

The decor at the Star Lounge is "demented circus." Orange and gray lighting? I hope they don't serve food - blech. And what's with the guy in the background staring at the wall?

Estelle, if you're interested in duets, Libby's always available, including "Meow," "Meow!," "Meow?," "Meow?!" etc.

All bets are off as to whether Wilbur will dump Estelle before New Year's Eve by stalking Iris or flying off to interview survivors somewhere. It's time for Ted Miller (what a character!) to return and meet Estelle.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"In Which Wilbur Is Unable To Sustain The Metaphor".

Are? Missed.
Too. Duet solo.
Available harmonies.
Ask, running!

Anonymous said...

It took until they were seated before Wilbur asked her how she's doing? Did he pick her up in silence, then did they drive to the bar together in silence, and then did they stand around waiting for a table in silence?

Nice groveling skills, Wilbur. We'll likely see him use them again on Iris because we all know that he'll dump Estelle like a hot pan of muffins as soon as he finds out that Iris is available.

-- Scottie McW.

Downpuppy said...

Watching this episode of "Boredom meets Desperation" raised disturbing questions about my relationship with the strip. "I'm just waiting for the next Apartment 3G" doesn't cut it anymore.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

When I saw Wilbur's face or orangey, I immediately thought of number 45. Has he been taking tanning tips from the commander-in-chief or is it just the horrible lighting? At any rate, I still want to punch Wilboor in the face.

I see Barry Gibb is slumming at the Star lounge. His career has gone downhill since his brothers passed away.

Yahoonski said...

KitKat: Obviously that guy in the background is engaged in stargazing. Thank you, Karen Moy, for this odious and odorous Boxing Day present, which you might as well have left in a flaming paper bag on our doorstep before ringing the bell and running away.

Tim said...

Your point is well taken but by the time Wilbur gets around to going after her she's going to be fatter and balder than he is.

LouiseF said...

Too bad we didn't get to see Wilbur and Estelle's Christmas Day celebrations. My guess is that Estelle took Libby to see the film "Cats", while Wilbur spent the day looking for his shoes. Their absence from Mary's holiday may be a pointed comment on her opinion of these two. She's not big on witnessing people's REAL afflictions. Either that, or JB couldn't bear the thought of trying to illustrate Wilbur in a Christmas sweater.

Downpuppy said...

I don't see the second panel as orange. More an 8th circle, (Bolgia 8, evil counselors) of Hell brick red.