Sunday, April 4, 2021

Mary Worth 3605

If any more lightbulbs in her head go off, she'll be completely in the dark.


fauxprof said...

Saul and Eve walk off into the sunset. Actually, into the Food Court. We can leave them standing in line at The Salmon Shack, home of The Big MacSalmon, Salmon Cheesy Fries, and the world-famous Strawberry Salmon Shake. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t surprise me a bit, that KM thinks a light bulb in one’s head would turn “off” instead of “on.” However, it does surprise me a little that June let it go. I’m starting to think of June as the woman at the office Christmas party who doesn’t say anything to her co-worker and just lets her walk out of the ladies’ room with the back of her dress tucked into her pantyhose.


Anonymous said...

This looks tantalizingly like the end! Not like all the other Sundays that looked tantalizingly like the end. Can it be?

@fauxprof -- The Salmon Shack! Hilarious! I'll bet they order extra carrots.

-- Scottie McW.

KitKat said...

A strawberry salmon shake - a perfect after-Easter-dnner drink, as long as you’re a resident of Santa Royale. Thank you, @fauxprof!

Ooh, Saul called Eve “dear,” and the two of them are heading for the food court arm and arm. Could it be that in time-honored MW tradition, where every happy couple trundles off, never to be seen again, we might never see Eve and Saul again? Dare we hope? Or does Mary have to give her blessing to Eve’s light bulb going off?

Jerry Smith said...
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