Saturday, September 11, 2021

Mary Worth 3725

Good call, Saul. You do not want to be responsible for Wilbur's next addiction.


Anonymous said...

I commend the rest of the Wandersverse for having the dignity to not pick low-hanging fruit and say, "Wilbur, better call Saul."

Regrettably, I have no such reluctance.

I feel much shame.

-- Scottie McW.

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

Scottie, that beats whatever Road to Damascus joke I was trying to come up with.

I think Meg was on to something in pointing out Saul also had a dog when exhibiting his previous crotchety personality. Good thing it died and Mary kidnapped him to force him to adopt a new one; clearly his previous personality disorder was due to his old dog just not being quite Good enough.

Sandi Ego said...


Wool Worth said...

Inspired by Saul, Wilbur will adopt an even larger dog. The dog will chase Libby out of Charterstone. Wilbur will appreciate his life again. The End.

KitKat said...

Wilbur won’t get a dog. He’ll simply start wearing clip-on bow ties with his polo shirts.

Garnet said...

I liked the angry Saul better. He would have given Wilbur the chewing out he richly deserves.