Saturday, August 6, 2022

Mary Worth 3987

I, like Wilbur, feel as if this break has been much longer than it really has been. I was surprised to see that it has just been going on since January. It feels like it has been at least a year. Strangely, though, I can't remember anything that has happened since then? Maybe something about Dawn and Jerome (was that his name?). It's all just a blur.


KitKat said...

Re today’s secret message, dogs ARE GOOD!

Dawn looks dubious as she screams to herself, “OMG, I’ll never be able to unhear all that!” Wilbur should have a dream in which all his past women, including Fabiana (who didn’t rate a floating head) attack him. Mary could be nearby, looking simultaneously disapproving and entertained.

Anonymous said...

Dawn knows all this, Wilbur. She was pissed at you too.


RogerBW said...

Surely Wilbur could have a dream in which the Weston Women are fighting over him with carving knives?

"I think I'm a failure… Estelle thinks I'm a failure… we have so much in common!"

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

Ah yes, Wilbur’s “um, time away”, as Toby called it. Those were the days.

Come to think of it, Wilbur was saying Stell “wants to take another break” as if it’s breaking news (pardon the pun) since the Island Adventure. Going by her past breakup M.O. (singing “we’re never never never getting back together” 5 times in a row, then immediately getting back together the next day when he shows up with some short ribs); I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re on second chance number 5 or 6 since January alone.

I’ve got to hand it to Stell; she’s really got a good rhythm going for maximizing her free BBQ intake while minimizing the amount of time she has to spend with Wilbur. Someone’s been paying attention during Mary’s jaunts to the Bum Boat!

Anonymous said...

I think I've figured out this "taking a break" thing. KM must write it into the story every time June threatens to quit. KM tells us that Wilbur and Estelle are taking another break just in case June actually does make good on her threat and walks out. KM knows she'll end up having to recycle months of June's old drawings.


Chester the Dog said...

Maybe sitting in cat urine?

hmmm said...

Was it last year that Wanders was lamenting the lack of floating heads to include in the Worthy Awards. Shouldn’t be a problem this year.